MINNEAPOLIS - World-renowned snow artist Simon Beck has trekked into the Bold North all the way from Britain to create an art installation at Target Field, using only snowshoes.

The Great Northern, a 10-day winter festival, commissioned Beck, along with sponsor Red Bull, to create a geometrically inspired piece over two days, the first snow mural Beck has completed in a stadium.

Admittedly, Target Field may be his coldest canvas yet, but Minnesota's powdery palette is Beck's preferred medium.

"The snow is very good here. This was quite a fun drawing to do. The natural patterns of snow are very beautiful, sometimes so nice, it's shame to plow through," said Beck.

Undeterred by subzero temps, Beck, 59, blazes ahead with his snowshoes, making circular patterns at almost a jogging pace, only worried about a 360-degree vision. His artistry started as a main form of exercise, but has grown into an artform gaining international acclaim. He's now published a book, and is tapped by worldwide brands who commission artwork of their logos.

The step by step masterpiece is best appreciated from a bird's eye view. Target Field's mural is his 276th snow drawing, a geometric wonder inspired by a mandala and fractal patterns, and a mathematical feat completed from memory. Beck is a former map-maker.

"When you see it for the first time, that is the big moment," said Beck. "You do it much the same way as you do it on paper, you use a compass instead of protractor, and snowshoes instead of pencil."

Beck usually spends at least 10 hours completing a design before he tires, and when Minnesota winds threatened his artic etch-a-sketch on a chilly afternoon, there was still no erasing what Beck leaves behind, showcasing Minnesota as a masterpiece all its own.

"Designs are a thing of beauty," said Beck. "And boy, the sun sparkles on the snow, I just love snow."

Beck has set a goal of completing 1,000 snow drawings by the time he turns 80. He also does drawings on beaches in the sand.

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