ST. PAUL, Minn - Children are told they can be anything. Lots of students want to be actors, singers and athletes when they grow up.

But one St. Paul man says it's his mission to encourage young black boys, in particular, to rethink those dreams.

Mondo Davison, 30, has branded himself as "The Black Tech Guy." He has about 50 shirts in different colors with the slogan. He wears one to work every day.

"My number one mission in life is to influence a generation of black boys to dream smarter than actor, rapper, or athlete. Working at Obama Elementary as a project coordinator, I connect with the dream of becoming a professional athlete because I use to be that kid,” Davison said. “As the black tech guy, my plan is to do something so amazing in technology that young black boys and young black girls consider tech as their plan A.“

And Davison uses his story as an example. His dreams of living life as a professional athlete were cut short. But he rebounded early. Recently, Davison created a crowdfunding software called My Bar Jar. It is a crowdfunding platform that funds your fun.

“We work like a typical online registry except we partner with bars, nightclubs, lounges and crowdfund drinks for celebrations like birthdays, bachelor, or bachelorette parties,” Davison said. “Everybody can’t show for that event. They can use My Bar Jar so people across the country can contribute to the celebration.”

Some of Davison’s students, fourth and fifth-graders are already dreaming big. One 9-year-old told KARE that “Davison is the best teacher.”

That young boy said he has plans to live life as an attorney so he can “help others.”