GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn.- Chill for Change is a free online resource from Allina Health to help teens get perspective on things that matter, achieve balance and reduce stress.

In other words, "chillax."

Lisa Herman, Psy.D., L.P., Allina Health psychologist, joined KARE 11 News @ 4 to explain more about the challenge.

What is Change to Chill?

- A free online program developed by health professionals at Allina Health

- The website, Change to Chill, provides free, easy-to-use information about stress, what it is, what can trigger it and how to best manage it.

- After taking the stress factors quiz, watch, listen and learn about:

Stress and its triggers, simple breathing techniques, guided meditation, and ways to focus.

What is the Chiller Challenge and how do teens get involved?

Chillers are visuals that help us slow down and step back from stress.

Here's how it works-

1. Teens design and create a Chiller showing how they chill. Chillers can be original photographs or artwork with text or videos up to 30 seconds in length.

2. Get creative, have some fun and submit a Chiller in the Chiller Challenge.

3. Winners receive a $20 e-gift card and are eligible for the grand prize – a prize pack and seeing their Chiller posted on Change to Chill.

4. Examples of Chillers can be found at Chiller Challenge

How can parents use Change to Chill?

The most helpful resource for parents and adults who work with teens is by visiting the "Resources for Parents" section on the Change to Chill website. A variety of Allina Health and other mental wellness resources are provided, including videos, printable educational handouts and more.

Why is this kind of program important?

Teens experience so much pressure to be their best in school, at home, online, during after-school activities and in their social life… just about everywhere.

The 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by Allina Health identified mental health as a top public health concern; Change to Chill was created as one way to address the issues.