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The Spoonbridge and Cherry at 30: How it got that cherry on top

Everyone knows what it looks like, but many don't know how it got it's iconic cherry on top.

On this date 30 years ago, the famous "Spoonbridge and Cherry" sculpture in the Walker Art Center's sculpture garden.

In the years since, the giant piece of art has become an undeniable part of the city, and it is now featured in countless photos, especially selfies.

An unscientific analysis by the Walker claims that 93 percent of metro residents have a "Spoonbridge and Cherry" photo.

"I'm definitely in that 93 percent," said Jason Strandberg. "I don't quite know why it's the sensation it is but everybody knows about it."

"I'm not sure where that statistic comes from, but it wouldn't surprise me," said Annie Gillette Cleveland, spokesperson for the Walker. "Tens of thousands of people every month come through here just to come see this sculpture."

Annie says visitors most often ask why sculptor Claes Oldenburg chose to feature that, now iconic, cherry. She says it wasn't part of the original design.

"The sculpture (of a spoon) was a little too serious," she said. "And he felt that was his way of adding more whimsy."

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