ANDOVER - Friday marks another milestone for a young Minnesota transplant recipient.

Vivica Loyd, 17, says attending senior prom was a dream she wrote about in her diary. And Friday, the dream came true for the three-time transplant recipient.

Before Vivica celebrated her 8th birthday, she had three surgeries on her heart. Her mother, Donette June, said doctors didn't think her daughter would beat so many odds.

“When she was born the doctors told me she had three days to live. Her heart had six holes. The doctors said it looked like Swiss cheese,” June said. “She ended up getting kidney transplant at 10, another when she was 16 and she got a heart when she was 12. It has been a bumpy ride. We had to fasten our seatbelts a few times but we made it."

Vivica, who turns 18 in May, decorated a pair of black and white Converse shoes with sparkling rhinestones. The shoes match her dress.

“I love bling,” she said with a smile as her mom watched in awe.

“I am just so happy for her. She gets to do things she never thought she was going to be able to do,” June said. “We didn't know if she was going to make it to see 18 or prom. We did not think this was ever going to happen.”