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Twin Cities men market hangover cure

They noticed, through some self-induced research, that it worked.

If you’ve ever woken up with a headache and twinge of regret, this story is for you.

A group of Minnesota guys think they have the cure to your hangover and they’re making it easier for you to get access to it.

It’s called Revitalyte, and they hope it will quench all your hydration needs.

“What we found is when we were a little bit younger those mornings hurt a little bit less. Now that we're getting a little bit older we really need that extra help,” says Adam Post.

Not that Adam is old. And neither is one of his other partners, Ryan Leonard, but the guys noticed something: a trend of people using Pedialyte for hangovers. They also noticed, through some self-induced research, that it worked.

"There was one day we were in a liquor store and thought, 'Man, it would be really, really nice to be able to buy this here and not make the extra trip to a CVS or a Walgreens or something like that,'” says Ryan.

So they set out to fill the hole they felt existed in the market. Folks who want to preemptively hydrate and purchase that hydration along with their libations.

“We basically came up with the idea and finally got the momentum to do it last February, so it's been a little over a year in the works, and it's been a lot of fun going over the naming options, all the different brands, all the different types of colors look and feel and it was an awesome process.”

“We found that the best way for this product was to have the same nutritional formula, or directly comparable, to a Pedialyte but tweaked the flavors a little bit and I think people really seem to like it,” says Ryan.

They also cross-promote Revitalyte as a sports drink.

"We've found that our product has been an awesome hydration option just to keep you hydrated throughout the day, and sports teams seem to think so as well,” Ryan says.

They just launched in about 10 liquor stores in the last few weeks and plan to be stocked in even more in the weeks coming.

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