MINNEAPOLIS - From 3-D hearts to live-stream surgeries, some of the brightest minds in the medical field are gathering at the University of Minnesota this week. The U of M’s Design of Medical Devices Conference is in its 15th year.

It only makes sense that the conference has caught on in the Twin Cities. “What better place than Minnesota, where we have the highest density of medical device companies in the world,” says Conference Chair Arthur Erdman.

The medical device leaders in attendance watched a live stream of a surgery being performed in Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

The theme of this year's conference is 3D and biological printing. 3D printers are giving doctors a chance to see and interact with replicas of a patient’s organ before they even operate on it.

“Customizing personal, specific surgeries. We're not there yet but we will get there, there's no doubt we'll get there because the technology is moving so fast,” says Erdman.

Erdman says another thing getting a lot of buzz this year is home health care and devices patients could wear so doctors can monitor them after they leave the hospital.

“We have a shirt on, but why can't the shirt have some type of wireless system in there that's measuring maybe heartbeat, blood pressure?” Erdman says.

As companies sit side by side at the conference, some even competitors, Erdman says the focus is on one thing. “It's all about patients and understanding the real un-met needs,” he says.