MINNEAPOLIS - The newest apple developed at the University of Minnesota is finally here.

First Kiss -- the child of Honeycrisp.

The newest apple will be available in mid-to-late August, four weeks earlier than its parent Honeycrisp.

First Kiss dates back to the late 1990s when the U of M's apple breeders David Bedford and Jim Luby attempted to breed an apple similar to the Honeycrisp.

“With First Kiss, we got the best of both worlds,” Bedford said in a press release. “Its crisp texture and spritely flavor make it an excellent choice for fresh eating and its early harvest date means Minnesota apple lovers can enjoy their favorite Minnesota grown fruit sooner than ever.”

The U of M states though First Kiss will be available this fall, the supply will be limited at first.

First Kiss marks the 27th apple to be released by the breeding program. For more information, click here.