ST. PAUL, Minn.--The Arctic is no stranger to Aaron Doering. He's been on eight expeditions and next week will begin his ninth as he and his team launch an adventure learning series called “The Changing Earth.”

Doering, director of the University of Minnesota’s Learning Technologies Media Lab, along with creative director Jeni Henrickson, is leading a team to change the way we see the world.

Next Friday, they will leave St. Paul for northern Canada. Each team member will haul 300 pounds of gear on a sled over 170 miles of Arctic wilderness to their final destination: Pond Inlet.

“We want people to care about the changing Earth and how they can make a difference in a positive way,” Doering said.

Using #choose2care, The Changing Earth team, will bring students, classrooms and the public along on their adventure. They will post videos, photos and audio from interviews with the Inuit community on issues like food insecurity.

This will be the first of four trips to the Arctic. It will be followed by four other trips to the tropics. The hope, as people follow their expedition, is to inspire solutions at home for challenges our world faces.

“I think inspiring kids in particular to choose to care not only about the environment but also about community and culture and about themselves is something we really hope will come about,” Henrickson said.

Follow their three week journey and use #choose2care.