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Uber driver takes 400 mile drive to get sisters to 100th birthday party

Storms caused sisters to miss their connecting flight, so Jesus took the wheel

MINNEAPOLIS — Jesus took the wheel.

Uber driver Jesus Florentino says he really had no choice.  He couldn’t say no to two sisters trying desperately to get to their aunt’s 100th birthday party – 200 miles away in Edgerton, Minnesota.

“How can you turn down, they want to honor their aunt's 100th birthday - to be present,” Florentino says.

Kerry Maggard and her sister Deb Eggers left San Antonio on Saturday morning, with a connecting flight at MSP on their way to the airport in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Storms intervened, forcing their plane to land in Madison, Wisconsin – and causing them to miss their connecting flight.    

With no flight options and not a one-way rental car to be found, the sister turned to Uber and couldn’t help but notice the driver name that popped up on the Uber app.

“Quite a surprise when my notification came up and said Jesus is seven minutes away,” Maggard says with a laugh. “When that popped up, I thought God has a sense of humor.”

Florentino, who hadn’t realized the length of the trip when he pulled to the curb, agreed to take the sisters anyway.

“Praise God, I made it safely back,” he says of the 400-mile round trip.

Uber charged Maggard $216 for the trip.  She tipped Florentino another $54.

“He was just a true answer to prayers that day and just the sweetest man,” Maggard says.