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UNZIPPED: Northeast Minneapolis

KARE 11 Sunrise is "unzipping" different zip codes across the metro to show you more about the community AND share some hidden gems! This week, we explore Northeast Minneapolis.

NORTHEAST MINNEAPOLIS - From art to architecture, Northeast Minneapolis is known for its history AND its hip new spots.

So, we decided to explore the neighborhood for the first edition of our new KARE 11 Sunrise series, UNZIPPED.

Each week, we'll be "unzipping" a zip code in our area to show you some of the hidden gems - and help you learn more about that area.

A neighborhood legend

Sentyrz Ethnic Market is one of the hot spots in the "Nordeast" neighborhood. It's known for it's great meats, produce and friendly staff. So many of our #Sunrisers told us to check it out, so Alicia Lewis caught up with owner Wally Sentyrz.

Sentyrz Market in Northeast Minneapolis has been open since 1923.

Sentyrz is the third generation owner to run this historic market that opened in 1923.

So what makes this store so special?

Sentyrz Market in Northeast Minneapolis has been open since 1923.

"I'd like to believe me but it's not," Sentyrz said. "It's actually the quality of the products we have. It's a small store, a hometown feel and we know most of our customers by first name."

Sentyrz has lived in Northeast Minneapolis his entire life.

"I think it's a feeling of family more than anything else," he said. "15-20 years ago, we didn't have that feeling. Most of the first and second generation would move out of the Twin Cities, and now we're finding an influx of people are coming back to their roots, coming back to Northeast Minneapolis.

Hidden gems

Nordeast is a great foodie destination, but it's also known for it's art and culture.

You might have heard of a little something known as Art-A-Whirl, but there's more to the Northeast neighborhood than that.

Eat My Words Bookstore in Northeast Minneapolis.

Thanks to one of our #Sunrisers, Bradley Johnson, for telling us about Eat My Words Bookstore. It's located on 13th Ave in Northeast Minneapolis, and they have everything from local authors to local poets.

But what about food? There are plenty of great options in the neighborhood, but a lot of you told us about Chimborazo, an Ecuadorian restaurant.

The signature dish at Chimborazo in Northeast Minneapolis: slow-roasted pork with potato pancakes stuffed with cheese.

Alicia tried one of its best sellers: Hornados con papas with homemade llapingachos. Translation: slow-roasted pork with potato pancakes stuffed with cheese.

See their full menu here.

What's happening in the neighborhood

One of the things Northeast Minneapolis is known for is the infamous turkeys that roam everywhere. Another neighborhood happening? Acorns! Apparently, they're littering the streets.

A major neighborhood issue, however, is the lack of affordable housing in the area. Alicia Lewis talked with Kevin Reich, the city councilman who represents the people of Northeast Minneapolis.

Luxury apartments and condos being built in Northeast Minneapolis

"One of the ways we're combating that is to make sure that all the housing projects that are north of Broadway, which is the beginning of the Arts District and the beginning of the working class part of Northeast, stays that way," Reich said. "So every unit that we've built in the last five years has been affordable. We also want to make sure that our zoning and planning codes make sure that we want to protect small businesses."

Learn more about what's happening in Northeast Minneapolis here.