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KARE 11 Sunrise is "unzipping" different zip codes across the metro to show you more about the community AND share some hidden gems! This week, we explore Osseo.

OSSEO, Minn — Osseo sits in a unique spot in the Twin Cities because it's exactly one square mile and surrounded by larger cities Brooklyn Park and Maple Grove. It was established in 1875.

It's known for it's locally-owned businesses like Dean's Super Market and the Painted Turtle Chocolatier where they make everything by hand.

Neighborhood staple

Many of you told us to check out Duffy's Bar and Grille, which has been in business for more than 30 years and is known partly for dishing up a great breakfast.

Credit: KARE

"It's got an incredibly huge sense of community, everybody kind of pulls together, its the classic small town feel in the middle of all of these ginormous suburbs. Its just that sense of community that really makes everyone come here and continues to make this city a high demand for people who live here," said Mark Schulz, a city council member for Osseo.

We also went to Osseo Meat Market and Deli where you'll not only find meat, but also antiques.

Credit: KARE

What's happening in the neighborhood

Mayor Duane Poppe says the challenge in Osseo is keeping the storefronts full in town and continuing to make Osseo a great place for people to live in.

"We have a unique challenge here that we have to provide the services for people without overtaxing them so we have to get creative and unique to try and create solutions for everybody without running our taxes through the roof," he said.

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