MINNEAPOLIS - Turkey may be synonymous with Thanksgiving but a northeast Minneapolis shop is reimagining the holiday dinner with an all-vegan feast.

The Herbivorous Butcher, a vegan butcher shop, is offering Thanksgiving meals that feed 6-8 people. It features a stuffed turkey (2.5 lbs.), maple sage breakfast sausage, smoked gouda, chive cheddar, bag of Dandies Marshmallows and recipes for sweet potatoes, gravy and extra stuffing.

"The turkeys are all handmade, one by one. So it will bake up just like a turkey. You can bake it with stuffing around it, you can bake it with any kind of vegetables you love," said Aubry Walch, co-owner of The Herbivorous Butcher. According to Walch, everything in the shop is made in-house and 100 percent plant-based.

Kitchen Manager Collin Sandoe said the turkey is made out of a "high-protein wheat flour" and is similar to seitan. According to Sandoe, the turkey is stuffed with several ingredients including cubed French bread, onions, pecans and a bunch of spices and herbs.

"Thanksgiving is a big deal in our family," Walch said. "I had gone vegan and it was always kind of an awkward thing like, you can eat the sides and have no turkey. So it's really important to us to bring families together in that way and be able to share a meal at the same table and have it look relatively similar and taste exactly the same. So it's really, really important to us."

Last year, they sold out of their Thanksgiving feast orders. According to Walch, Thanksgiving is their busiest holiday.

"Sometimes the younger people in the family will go vegan and so they're left out a little bit of the traditions. So now... around the holidays, we have a lot of parents coming in and saying, 'My kids are coming home for the holidays and I want to get them a special vegan meal so they can eat with us,'" Walch said.

Their meals ship nationwide for $115 or $85 for in-store pickup. They also will have a small number of individually stuffed turkeys in-store the four days leading up to Thanksgiving. You can order online.

Every year The Herbivorous Butcher also donates five turkeys to families in need.