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VERIFY: Am I required by law to turn on headlights when using wipers?

Many Oregonians think it's the law to use your headlights when it's raining. We wanted to Verify those claims.

PORTLAND, Ore. — The sun is setting earlier each day, and rain is in the forecast. Oregon drivers have reached out to KGW News asking us to Verify: Are they required by law to turn on their headlights when using wipers?

Our source for this story is the Oregon Department of Transportation and David House from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

House says Oregon law doesn't require drivers to turn on their headlights when their windshield wipers are on. 

Here's when you are required to use your headlights:

  • Between sunset and sunrise
  • When you can't see people or cars 1,000 feet ahead of you

Additionally, House says it's illegal to drive at night or in bad weather with just your parking lights on. 

And here are some more tips on driving in the rain from ODOT:

  • Slow down when driving through several inches of water
  • Keep your distance
  • Turn on your headlights
  • If you hydroplane, gently step on your brake pedal and steer straight

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