MINNEAPOLIS - He's got the speed, the moves, and the hands.

"Yeah, no honestly, just appreciate my teammates, obviously," said Vikings wide receiver Adam Thielen. "The quarterback. The offensive line. The weapons we have."

Giving his teammates the credit; such a Minnesota thing to do.

I mean, you've heard the story a million times: Thielen's from Detroit Lakes, received a $500 scholarship to play D2 football at Mankato, and then interviewed for a medical sales company before breaking out with the Vikings.

Sunday, Thielen made NFL history, becoming the first player in the Super Bowl era to go over 100 yards receiving in all five games to start a season.

His idol, Randy Moss, didn't do that. Neither did T.O. Not even Jerry Rice.

"It's no surprise to me," said Stefon Diggs, the Vikings' other star wide receiver. "You know, I've been an Adam fan for a very long time so it's no surprise for his success. You know, we're going to keep it going. I know he's going to keep it going."

Through five games, Thielen has 47 catches for 589 yards and three touchdowns, helping the Vikings rank second in the NFL in passing.

"A lot of those stats, I mean, it's the whole offense," said Thielen. "I know that's cliche to say, but man we've got so many playmakers."

And Thielen's run his way to the top of that list.

Oh, and he's from Minnesota, just so you know.