MINNEAPOLIS -- In the land of 10,000 lakes, we take pride in having clean, healthy bodies of water... and at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, over 900 volunteers are helping to keep an eye on our lakes.

"We can't be everywhere all the time, we have people who are around the state who can get out there weekly or monthly and get us measurements every year." said Pam Anderson, Water Quality Supervisor with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Volunteers who monitor our lakes are asked a simple task, to measure the visibility, or water clarity of the lake.

"This is a Secchi disk, and it helps measure the transparency of the water. I have it set at 6 inches and a foot, and at 5 feet I have a double line. You throw it in the water and look and when it goes out of sight, that's how far you can see." said Mike Brinda. Volunteer.

Mike has been paddling out to this exact location on Lake Harriett for over 10 years, marking down his readings and reporting them to the MPCA. While there are some 900 more volunteers doing the same thing, they could use more help.

"We have a great map of that shows us where we have volunteers and where we don't. We are looking for people on lakes and on streams." said Pam.

The MPCA will be out at the Minnesota State Fair with more information...as well as and hands on demo's if you want to be involved.