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Vote now: Which Girl Scouts will supply the Hi-Lo Diner?

The Hi-Lo Diner got so many great submissions from Girl Scout troops, they decided to do what any self-respecting Minnesota adult would do. They passed the aggressive act off on you.

VOTE NOW! Pick the Girl Scout troop that will land the sale of 500 boxes of cookies

MINNEAPOLIS - Hi-Lo Diner may look like a diner to you, but to a Girl Scout, it is sweet sales heaven.

Here's how this cookie tale crumbles. Last year, Hi-Lo ordered Girl Scout cookies to add some panache to the milk shakes and pies.

This year the diner was ready to order again, but in classic adult fashion, the staff couldn’t remember which intrepid scout they bought from.

So, Hi-Lo did the next best thing this year and went online to crowd source some scouts, asking for a sales girl.

They said they would choose whatever scout sent them something funny or clever.

Silly grown-ups, posting online to think one ask gets one answer.

“We were wrong," said Hi Lo manager Rebekah Cook. "We had hundreds of girls, 60 troops, people from Wisconsin and all over the Twin Cities reached out, our email even reached its maximum limit."

The submissions to sell came as letters, videos, skits, raps, songs, HOLY HANNAH THERE WAS A SISTER ASK!!

They were so good the higher-ups at the diner were at an all-time low to choose.

And so they did what any self-respecting Minnesota adult would do.

“I decided that they could be mad at everyone else and we crowd-sourced the decision,” Cook said.

They passed the aggressive act off on you.

Yes, you.

There are 11 finalist Girl Scout troops and they are all sweeter than any cookie or its crumbles.

You have until Tuesday night to choose the winner.


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