HASTINGS, Minn. -Sometimes you just have to give someone an A for effort, no matter how misguided the gesture is.

Case in point, is a gentleman who had an encounter with one of Dakota County's finest over the weekend. Deputy Mike Vai pulled over a car registered to someone wanted on a warrant and subsequently saw a passenger was not wearing his seat belt. When the deputy ran the man's ID he learned that he, too, was wanted on a controlled substance warrant out of Ramsey County.

When the deputy searched the suspect, he found the man's secret weapon: A 'get out of jail free' card.

Yes, we are talking one of the rectangle cardboard pieces found in the Chance pile when playing Monopoly. While the card was worth about as much as the paper stock it was printed on, Deputy Vai appreciated the humor, so much that he messaged the card and the story behind it to the manager of the department's Facebook page.

Captain Pat Enderlein says the department tries to stay away from a heavy dose of crime and punishment stuff on the page, saying "We try to show people what the department is all about." That means showing a sense of humor, and emphasizing service to the community.

The card did generate plenty of laughs, but did not earn the Ramsey County man his freedom.