MAPLE GROVE, Minn. — Now THAT... is what you call a water hazard. 

KARE 11's Randy Shaver was making the rounds at his 2019 Randy Shaver Golf Classic at Rush Creek Monday morning with photojournalist Jason Steussy, shooting video of his generous guests when he had a bit of a... ahem... cart mishap. 

The two had just finished shooting a hole with former Gophers football coach Glenn Mason and hustled back to the cart, which Randy had parked in a large group. Unfortunately (according to Mr. Steussy) Randy had cranked the wheels hard to the right while parking, and when they took off the cart drove right down a steep embankment and straight into a pond. 

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Randy is an excellent athlete, but one thing most don't know is that he can't swim. He recalls thinking to himself as the cart plunged into the water, "Crap…I went 2 for 2 with cancer and the thing that’s gonna take me out is drowning at my own charity golf tourney."

Fortunately the pond wasn't so deep that the water went over his head. Photographer Jason managed to keep the camera somewhat dry as the golf cart sank into the muck. Good Samaritans helped pull both of them out. Randy obviously wasn't pleased about being soaked in murky water... the hair, you know?... but was cracking up about the incident just minutes afterwards. 

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Besides his fancy golf outfit and his smartphone (still on the bottom of the pond), the only other casualty was Randy's pride. After slipping into a dry polo shirt and shorts Randy resumed his hosting duties, and was ribbed by folks like his pal Belinda Jensen.

The unfortunate folks in this whole scenario were the two golf course employees who had to wade into the pond themselves to attach a tow strap, so the cart could be hauled from the water. That sequence was captured by NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero. 

One more thing... Randy figures it might be just about time for him to learn to swim, just in case.

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