MINNEAPOLIS — Ever spend a couple of seconds watching cars avoid or hit a nasty pothole> It's probably an experience many Minnesotans have.

Hang out where the potholes are plenty and a public works crew might even come your way. All this means pothole season is here.

"We were here yesterday with about four tons of material," a Saint Louis Park public works employee said. "Boss was saying overtime this weekend for potholes. First time in 20 years I've seen that."

The SLP crews say it's gotten to a point where they can pinpoint the repeat offender streets.

"This is probably the worst street in town," he said, tipping his head towards W 36th street. "Just for the volume of traffic and condition of the road."

So we get it, you're tired of seeing potholes on the roads you travel. You're tired of losing your hubcaps every time you drive over one. So what can you do about it?

For starters, you can chip in by memorizing the location of the pothole that affected your drive. You can then report the pothole to the correct government agency. There are different entities in charge of different roads. Many cities and counties have hotlines and online resources you can use to report potholes. 

If the pothole is on a MnDOT highway, MnDOT has a separate website you can use. 

If for some reason you feel that a government agency owes you money for the damages on your car, you can submit a claim--although those are judged on a case-by-case basis.

Here are a couple of quick links:

- St. Paul Pothole Reporting

- MnDOT Pothole Reporting

- Ramsey County Pothole Reporting

- Minneapolis Pothole Reporting

- Hennepin County Pothole Reporting