WHITE BEAR LAKE, Minn. - Bill Foussard, owner of White Bear Country Inn and Rudy's Redeye Grill, has lived in White Bear Lake all his life.

But he says since the beach closed in 2008, it has felt like something was missing in the community.

"That's the jewel of the whole area," Foussard said. "People come here because of the lake."

Lake levels have struggled to stay up due to drought years, but they've reached satisfactory levels again. Now that the beach is reopening on June 10, Foussard hopes more visitors will come to the area.

Mike Downing is with a group called Friends of White Bear Lake, which helps raise awareness about water conservation.

He says those efforts and three good years of rain have brought us to this point.

"The organization and other organizations have been involved with changing shower heads as well as toilets to conserve the amount of water we use," Downing said. "And we need to keep working toward that in the future and that will help."

With Memorial Day kicking off the unofficial start of summer, business owners and the community expect it to be a good one.

"Just letting people know the lake is open," Foussard said. "You can get on, come boat, come visit our downtown, come visit our restaurants. It will be incredible."