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WNY congressmen call for reciprocity over U.S. border closure

Current border restrictions are set to expire on August 21.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Monday was the first day fully vaccinated Americans were able to travel over to Canada reuniting families and people with property on the other side of the border.

Meanwhile, only essential travel is allowed into the U.S. and many people have been wondering when the United States Government will reciprocate. 

U.S. Representatives Chris Jacobs and Brian Higgins have been pushing President Biden's administration to do so.

 "I've been asking that same question, pushing administrative officials, writing letters, anything I can do, to say the least," said Jacobs. "Give an explanation or rationale of what metrics, as far as the Biden administration, what do they need to see before they start making changes?"

On July 21, current border restrictions were extended until August 21.

Just like every month since the pandemic started the Biden administration will re-evaluate the restrictions and decide whether or not to extend them every 30 days

"I think it's utterly ridiculous given the fact that we have all been admonished to follow the science, to follow the facts," said Congressman Brian Higgins during an interview with NBC's Tom Costello Monday.

"The lack of reciprocity as far as policymaking is really bad and really harmful for us moving forward," said Jacobs. "I really hope and I'm going to put the pressure on as my other colleagues will as well on the Biden administration to make a decision and at a minimum start being transparent."


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