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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: High Five Fit founders

Kitty Truax and Shannon Kilmartin are helping people grow and transform their lives, one high five at a time.

High fives, good vibes, change lives. 

That's the mission of Minnesota-based High Five Fit and its leaders, Kitty Truax and Shannon Kilmartin. 

“High Five Fit is more of a community, a tribe so to speak," Truax said. "It is something that we’ve created where people can belong and work on whatever they want to work on, whether that be nutrition, fitness, mindfulness or positivity.”

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The two have been best friends for over a decade, but teamed up to create the unique fitness experience three years ago.

Credit: KARE 11

Both women have since quit their previous jobs, focusing full-time on helping people reach their goals - whatever they may be. 

“We like to make changing your life fun,” Truax said.

A main focus of High Five Fit is POP, which stands for "positive on purpose."

“We’re all about the attitude of gratitude,” explained Truax.

High Five Fit offers up to 15 weekly classes that are available in-person and online. That includes classes you can't find anywhere else in the state, like rebounding.

Credit: KARE 11

Rebounding is a high-energy fitness class that involves specialized boots which help take pressure off your joints.  

To learn more about High Five Fit, visit their website here. 

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