EDINA, Minn. - The mother of the Lakeland teenager whose song has inspired people from around the world says the family is “incredibly blessed” to see his legacy come to fruition.

Laura Sobiech, the mother of Zach Sobiech, talked with KARE 11 one day after the station also reported on the latest developments in research into osteosarcoma, the rare bone cancer that claimed the 18-year-old’s life back in 2013.

“We are incredibly blessed to be in a place where we can see how his suffering and death has played out for the good,” Sobiech said on Wednesday.

Weeks after Zach’s death in May 2013 – and with money raised from his song, “Clouds” – Laura and Rob Sobiech met with researchers at the University of Minnesota to talk about what the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund could do for their work. Five years later, the result of that research is nothing short of groundbreaking: from starting a new osteosarcoma registry to encouraging cooperation across medical fields, to launching a promising new immunotherapy trial.

For Laura, all of the medical developments simply give her a new focus: to continue the mission started by her son.

“We were sharing a room with a young 9-year-old who had osteosarcoma, and it was during that stay that Zach said, ‘Mom if I had to die so that little guy could have his childhood back, I would do it.’ And I can’t help but think that with this phase one trial, that that wish might come true,” Laura Sobiech said.

She added: “It’s part of my daily prayer, ‘just help us find something to crack this disease open and find something.’”

To learn more about the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund – and how you can donate – click here.