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It's not that easy to 'just breastfeed'

KARE 11's Alicia Lewis gets candid about why some moms struggle or choose not to breastfeed. "We don't have some sort of milk spigot that we can turn on and off."

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — Alright Sunrisers -- I'm about to get very candid with you on something that is impacting so many families right now...

I'm talking about the nationwide baby formula shortage.

If you happen to follow me on any of my social media pages -- you've likely seen that I too -- a mom of a 10 month old -- was struggling to find formula. 

Luckily I happened to find some -- with the help of my family -- but this is not what I want to address. 

During this time -- my inbox and social feeds were filling with people telling me to -- "Just breastfeed" OR asking me "why Moms nowadays seem to be declining breastfeeding"?

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This triggered me -- It made me realize that there's a lot of people that simply don't know how breastfeeding works (or doesn't work) for moms out there. 

I don't want to speak for all moms -- but I think we can agree -- breastfeeding is challenging. 

We know all of the incredible health benefits that come with the "Breast is Best" campaign -- BUT -- simply put -- sometimes breastfeeding is NOT an option... or just doesn't work out. 

In fact the CDC says 60% of mothers do NOT breastfeed for as long as they intend to, for a laundry list of reasons:

  • There could be issues with lactation or latching
  • There could be medical issues for either the baby or mom
  • A plugged milk duct and cracked nipples can cause excruciating pain
  • Maybe your baby isn't gaining weight and you need to supplement with formula
  • Breastfeeding also happens to be time consuming. Working moms have to pump throughout the day -- which can lead to a lower milk supply if you don't stay on top of it and some women don't even have the option to pump at work

AND some moms out there may say, "breastfeeding is not for me" -- and that is 100% their choice! 

So - now you know some of the challenges that parents may be dealing with, and that us moms don't have some sort of milk spigot that we can turn on and off at any time.

Advice I got from another mom -- as long as your baby is fed -- you are doing everything right. 

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