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Fitness instructor hosts unique Zoom class

Lucy Gardiner recently led a barre class for the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, North Carolina.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minnesota — Lucy Gardiner is working in Raleigh, North Carolina during the pandemic teaching barre classes via Zoom at her studio Barre3 back home in Edina.

Gardiner's husband, Jake is a defenseman for the Carolina Hurricanes and they recently had a pause in team activities due to COVID-19. Lucy was asked by the team's trainer to teach class last Saturday.  

Credit: Lucy Gardiner

"The workout that we do at Barre3 is more pilates and strength based than it is a true ballet barre class. Because of my background as a non-dancer and a woman who grew up playing hockey, I think that helped put them at ease a little bit. They know that Jake comes into the studio when he's home and it's open and takes classes so I think it helped them know that he was going to be my backup dancer," Gardiner said.

The 30-minute class included emphasis on glutes and core.

What did Jake think of the workout?

"He said it was harder than when he normally takes the class because he felt a ton of pressure modeling to the guys. They were all watching him to see how well he's doing everything. So, I think he went full turbo in the class," Lucy said.

For more information on Lucy's studio you can follow them on Instagram at @barre3edina or go to their website.