BROOKLYN CENTER, Minn - Former Minnesota Twins closer Glen Perkins lives the epitome of retired life.

The Stillwater native and Gopher alum bought a farm post-retirement. He stays busy with hobbies like woodworking, smoking meats, and home brewing.

"I didn't just want to drink beer, I wanted to make it," Perkins told KARE 11. "There's nothing more rewarding than making a beer and enjoying yourself, but also having friends that can also enjoy your beer."

Now, thanks to a collaboration with Surly Brewing Company, quite a few more of Glen's friends will be enjoying his beer.

"Kut Down IPA" will debut just before the Twins home opener at beer taps near Target Field. The recipe for the limited edition, 30 barrel batch is a slightly modified version of one of Glen's home brews.

"He's probably got some of the best knowledge of any home brewer I've ever talked to," says Surly Head Brewmaster Ben Smith. "Not pretentious either. Glen just likes to do it."

Perkins, along with the Surly crew, initiated the brewing process of "Cut Down IPA" Friday morning in Brooklyn Center. The name stems from Glen's walk out song "Gods Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash.

"I've spent 30 years of my life playing baseball," says the former Twins closer. "To not have to do that now is a huge relief. It became a job for me."

A job that he does not least for now. Seeing Spring Training 2018 reminds him of how his latter years of throwing in the Fort Myers bullpen would make his knees and shoulder hurt.

"I miss the game a little bit, and I'll get back into the game," Perkins says during a brewing break at Surly. "But playing wise, I don't miss it at all."