MINNEAPOLIS – For the fourth time in program history, the University of Minnesota men’s gymnastics team finished second at the NCAA Championships.

“It was probably the peak happiness and elation I have ever felt in my entire life,” said junior Justin Karstadt.

The Gophers hit on every routine and set a school record with eleven guys being named All-Americans.

“When I got done, I saw everyone cheering and wasn’t sure what was going on,” said senior Tristan Duran. “I looked up and saw we were in second place and I was honestly in tears.”

The last time Minnesota ended the season as the national runner-up was in 1990.

“So many of these guys took advantage of the opportunities that were given to them,” said head coach Mike Burns. “It’s hard to make our team and you have to be good to be in the lineup. There was some fighting and battling for those spots and at the end of the day, the lineup we put in worked out pretty well.”