VICTORIA, Minn — At 5-8 and three quarters, Gopher Hockey commit Mike Koster is well aware that some might consider him small for an NHL defenseman.

Most of the teams have said, honestly you're lucky to be playing in this day and age," Koster says with a smile. 'Because that's the way things are going."

But what he lacks in size, he makes up for with great vision and play making ability.

"I'd say the biggest thing is the skating. The making plays," Koster says. "Really working hard at the defending aspect. Being my height you've got to have good feet. Use your brain to put guys in spots that put you in the advantage."

Koster was Chaska High school's advantage this year...Scoring 61 points on Defense for the Hawks. And is projected to be one of the first minnesotans taken in this months NHL Draft. A moment that this humble-blue liner is finally starting think about

"Honestly I just started thinking about it yesterday," Koster laughs. "I thought 'I'm gone this weekend then I am going to camp next weekend then it's already draft weekend."

One of the things Koster is proud of is what he and his fellow seniors at Chaska have accomplished. During their freshman year with a light schedule they barely finished above .500. This year they won the schools first ever conference championship.

"Going into the workouts in the summer the practices were that much more intense," Koster says. "Everyone kind of bought in. The younger guys had good leadership and they bought it. So it was pretty cool just to see everyone come together as a team through out the year. Because we knew this was the year that we had the best opportunity."

And even though his team fell short-- there is very little that Koster falls short of - even if he's only 5-8 and 3 quarters.