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Larry Fitzgerald Jr. goes shopping with local kids

The Former Holy Angels star and Dicks Sporting Goods teamed up to take kids on a $200 shopping spree.

RICHFIELD, Minn. — Larry Fitzgerald Jr. is good at sneaking his way down the field eating up yards. Today he is sneaking up on 10 local kids with a special surprise.

 A $200 shopping spree at Dicks Sporting Goods...with him.

"I'm always going support this community," Fitzgerald says. "And try to do everything I can to provide young people the resources to live their dreams like I have been able to."

This has become somewhat of a yearly tradition for Fitz and Dicks Sporting Goods who also donated a 250-thousand dollar grant to Larry's Foundation to fund scholarships for more than 450 Minnesota kids to attend his pro camp. All of this helps contribute to what they're really after, smiles. 

"A lot of times what we do every day doesn't get the reaction," says Matt Teske Senior Community Marketing Manager for Dicks Sporting Good. "We get to see these kids so when we get to bring them in here and share our love of sports with them and see them light up the way they do it's second to none."

"You see those kids and they're having such a wonderful time," says Fitzgerald. "And how thankful they are, it makes you want to do more. It makes you want to participate in their lives. It makes you feel real good."

$200 goes a long way at a place like Dicks Sporting Goods. Had Larry Fitzgerald had this opportunity when he was younger he knows exactly what he would have spent his money on.

"I would have gotten some fly cleats and gloves," Fitzgerald says with a big smile. "Something to make me look fresh for the season."

Now he's giving those same things to kids that might not have received them otherwise.