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First Marathon at 70? You betcha

Everyone has their reason for running a marathon, but to do your first at 70 years old? You'd better have a good one — and Susie Weigel does.

PRINCETON, Minnesota — For many people, running a marathon is a bucket list item, and everyone who runs one has their reason — their “why” — for doing it. Susie Weigel’s “why” just happens to be extra incredible because she’s 70 years old.

Yep, 70, and running her very first marathon.

"My short runs are four to six miles and my long run, that was 14,” says Susie, as she runs on the road near her home.

Don't let the fact that Susie is 70 fool you. The granny does cross fit to help support her training, and she's also no stranger to the bike: riding in two, 150-mile rides, and three century rides that she herself organized.

“I have an organization called Running for Justice that brings education and awareness of sex-trafficking and related issues,” she says.

They have raised over $100,000 doing bike-a-thons and 5Ks, and after all that, Susie says she was called to do something different.

"I just felt like God spoke to me to run a marathon,” she says.

“When I think of finishing the race, I get super emotional, like I'm sure I'm going to be bawling even along the way,” says Susie.

Holding the tissues and cheering her on will be Susie's partner in life for 44 years, her husband Dave.

“She is just somebody, that when she sets out to do something, she doesn't take no for an answer. And it's not just in this — it's in life in general,” says Dave Weigel.

Susie says she hopes to finish before the six-hour limit and score herself a medal. But no matter the time, make no mistake, you will see Susie cross the finish line. For herself. For her cause.

“I will finish it by the grace of God. I will finish it,” she says.

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