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'I'm not too fond of money': Vikings star Justin Jefferson discusses next contract

A big extension for Justin Jefferson is coming whether it's now or after this next season. Regardless, this offseason's receiver market has set new expectations.

MINNEAPOLIS — Despite all the action at Vikings camp on Thursday, the big story came when star wide receiver Justin Jefferson took the podium and was asked about his impending new contract. 

Jefferson, who is going into his third year, stressed he's not focused or worried about the contract or the money right now. He'll get a contract extension sometime in the next year, before entering the fourth and final year of his current contract, that will make him one of, if not the highest paid receiver in the league.

"I'll focus on the contract after the season," Jefferson said Thursday. "I'm not really too fond of money, I'm really just trying to get the goal of being the best receiver...That's what I'm trying to prove this year, just being one of the best receivers in other people's eyes."

We saw a number of receivers get paid this offseason including Tyreek Hill's league-leading $30 million a year in Miami, Davante Adams' $28.25 million per year in Las Vegas, Cooper Kupp's $26.67 million in L.A. and AJ Brown's $25 million per year in Philadelphia.

Jefferson, 23, had the second-most yards of any NFL receiver last year with 1,616, only behind Cooper Kupp. Jefferson has totaled over 3,000 yards on nearly 200 receptions in his first two seasons.

On Thursday's Superior Sports Talk podcast, part of Locked On Sports Minnesota, Reggie Wilson and Luke Inman discussed Jefferson's Thursday comments at camp.

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Reggie Wilson said on Superior Sports Talk that the Vikings should move to extend Jefferson as soon as possible.

"The longer that they wait on Justin Jefferson, the more he's going to cost... yesterday's price is not today's price," Wilson said. "It's going up, the more he just continues to go out there and make plays and do what he does...Back up the Brinks truck and Kwesi can hand him a blank check."

Regarding Jefferson's "not too fond of money" comment, Wilson said Jefferson knows it's on the way.

"When people say they're not to fond of money, number one they have it on the way," Wilson said. "Number two, they're doing really well for themselves. And so he's somewhere in between. He's not balling, he's still on that rookie deal, and that's a good amount of money, he's got some endorsement deals."

Inman said Jefferson's comments reminded him of Stefon Diggs making similar comments when he was a Viking.

"I was there at TCO and Stefon Diggs said the exact same thing almost verbatim. And then it wasn't more than like four or five days later, he shows up to training camp practice, Spielman and company had a new contract waiting for him," Inman said. "Different scenario here, I know JJ drafted in the first round. Diggs was drafted in the fifth."

"If he Vikes were wise, I think they'd be smart to lock him up sooner or later," Inman continued. "Because you got guys like CeeDee Lamb and D.K. Metcalf signing new deals and they're about to blow the roof off this wide receiver market that's already skyrocketed after this offseason with Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill getting that Jeff Bezos money."

Contract talk aside, it's going to be a big year for Justin Jefferson.

"I think this year is going to be really important for Jefferson," Wilson said. "And I think he's put in the working that's necessary to be among the top guys in the league. And I'm looking forward to seeing him blow up this year even more than he's done so already."

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