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MLB rumors: Twins could trade AL batting champ Luis Arráez?

Luis Arráez is at the center of trade rumors after he just won the AL batting title. Why would the Twins deal him, and what would they look like without him?

MINNEAPOLIS — Luis Arráez won the 2022 American League Batting title with a .316 BA and now his name is swirling around in trade rumors. This makes Twins fans wonder: Why would the Twins make this trade? 

Nash Walker of Locked On Twins tried to explain to his fellow Twins fans why the team might do this, saying, “I’m not going to try and defend that move. It depends on what’s coming back, of course.” Then he went on to explain the reasons why the Twins might feel this could be the best time to pull off a trade with Arráez as part of the package. 

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Walker mentioned how Arráez while a solid player offensively has played in many positions on the defensive side and is now stuck being a first baseman/DH heading into his age-26 season. 

Usually, that doesn’t happen until a player is too old to move around the field or in Arráez's case when he’s injured. Arráez struggled with some injuries late in 2022 and had to sit out some games. 

Plus, the injuries he’s had have been to his legs and for someone in their mid-20s, that isn’t a good sign of what the future may hold. But Walker also made sure to mention how when Arráez is right and when he’s healthy, he’s the catalyst in the lineup ahead of guys like Carlos Correa and Byron Buxton. 

The other problem with Arráez is while he is a good hitter and can get on base, he doesn’t hit for power. He finished 2022 with only eight home runs in 547 at-bats. 

And while home runs aren’t the be-all-end-all for baseball players, the Twins may want someone with a little more pop in their bat especially if he’s going to be a first baseman/DH. Walker also talked about how Arráez has an issue hitting lefties and that takes him out of the leadoff spot when the Twins are facing left-handed pitchers. 

The Twins also have a prospect that they hope will be their first baseman of the future in Alex Kirilloff so they have someone to replace Arráez at first base if he’s traded. 

Luis Arráez is a fan favorite and a good presence in the Twins clubhouse but he’s quickly turning into a one-dimensional player. If the Twins are going to trade him, the best time would be now while he’s still under team control. And while that may disappoint the fans who enjoyed watching him play in 2022, it may be better for the team in the long run. 

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