MINNEAPOLIS -- It may seem like a normal day at Hidden Beach in Minneapolis, but once 8-year-old Ellis Priest comes rolling through: there’s no hiding his talent for this unique sport.

"I worked really hard this year," Ellis said. "I've been pushing myself a lot in practice."

All that practice has paid off.

This summer Ellis took home first place at the World Logrolling Championships, but he was not the only Priest brother on the podium.

"He won earlier in the day," 13-year-old Jasper Priest said. "I was like, 'Now I have to win or he's going to tease me about this forever.'"

Jasper, who also took first place in his division, is the reason both Ellis and their sister Suzi, all became log-rollers in the first place: after falling in love with the sport at first sight.

"It's kind of different than a lot of other big sports," Jasper said. "It's just you against one other person."

In this case, that means constant competition between this talented trio of siblings.

The Priests use both each other and also synthetic logs from Minnesota based company "Key Log Rolling" to get better.

The Priest family is actually the first to win a World Championship after learning the sport on synthetic logs, and they hope to keep the momentum rolling in the years to come with all three children dreaming of becoming pro.