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Marshall Made: Trey Lance in the NFL Draft

As the NFL Draft begins on Thursday, Marshall and NDSU quarterback Trey Lance will likely be one of the first players selected.

MARSHALL, Minnesota — From this small town, to the big stage. 

In southwest Minnesota, Marshall proudly proclaims itself as the home of Trey Lance. Everyone — and I mean everyone — watched him grow up as a player, and as a person.

That includes longtime Tigers head football coach Terry Bahlmann. He first met Trey as a third grader in a football camp, and his whole family has been involved with the program ever since. 

As a two-sports star, Lance's work ethic set an example for those around him.

Even after going to North Dakota State — and now the NFL Draft — Trey's presence is still felt around this town of about 14,000 people. He's that Pee Wee player faded on the side of Varsity Pub in downtown Marshall. His No. 5 jersey is also on the wall in that restaurant. 

With the first round of the NFL Draft beginning Thursday, it still doesn't feel real to his longtime friends. To neighbors like Kayla Polejewski, Lance is more like a brother and was someone they used to make gingerbread cookies with. 

They're all proud he can represent Marshall, Minnesota to the entire sports world. 

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