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Minnesota Twins show appreciation for dedicated fan

Donna Goedel has supported her favorite baseball team for 52 years.

When the Minnesota Twins played their first ever home game in 1961, Donna Goedel was there to cheer them on, but the 83 year old is now best-known for taking her love of the team on the road.

"Yep, you betcha," Donna said with a laugh. "I like to drive."

Over the course of 17 years, Donna took summer road trips with her daughter, Tamara Oslon, and grandson, Nicholas Goedel, in order to see their favorite team play in all 30 major league stadiums.

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"She's always the giving kind of person," Olson said. "She made that happen for both me and Nicholas."

The trips began with a quick trip to Milwaukee when Nicholas was just 10 years old, but the road trips quickly grew into longer summer vacations.

"I feel very honored and privileged," Nicholas Goedel said. "Not a whole lot of kids can say they've been to all 30 baseball stadiums. I've seen a lot and experienced a lot and it's been fun to do it with my grandma and my mom."

The trips became more difficult to organize in recent years. Donna is now in a nursing home and Nicholas is married.

"Thank gosh he married someone who loves baseball," Tamara said, with a laugh. "This last year I made it my mission that we had to get to Miami to get this last one in."

That last visit, to see the Twins play the Marlins, took place in July, and Donna was honored as the FSN North "Fan of the Game".

"She was a big hit at the nursing home," Tamara said. "You'd have thought she was the president of the United States."

"Oh my gosh, I didn't get any work done or anything all week," Donna said. "It was just awesome."

But nothing could top what took place in September. KARE 11 was there as the Twins welcomed her to Target Field for a special tour. She signed few autographs and then received a special gift.

"On behalf of the Twins, I'd like to invite you to officially be part of our team and have an official Minnesota Twins jersey," said marketing director Matt Hodson. "It has your name and the number "30" on the back for all 30 ballparks you visited."

"Thank you," Donna said, with tears in her eyes. "That will mean more to me than anything."

"You talk about family bonding around the national pastime, just think of that," said Twins Curator Clyde Doepner. "That's goosebump time."