MINNEAPOLIS - Vegan sausages, cookies for a good cause and a good ol' fashioned shrimp boil are among the new foods for Target Field this year.

On Thursday, the Twins, along with partner Delaware North Sportservice, unveiled the new offerings at its annual preview tour, highlighting a few new vendors, returning local faves and much more.

Here's a taste of what you can expect:

  • Kurd-Marczuk's -- Cheese curds or polish sausage? Can't decide? Have both. This cheese curd cart will serve up a big ol bowl of classic curds, mixed with chopped up Kramarczuk's sausage and smothered in brown gravy. Then, because it's necessary, it's topped with more cheese. ($9.50, Section 100)

  • Shrimp Boil -- This staple dish comes from newcomer and Loring Park fave 4 Bells and features a combination of shrimp, corn on the cob, potatoes and Butcher and the Boar spice wurst sausage. ($14.50, Section 114)
  • Herbivorous Butcher -- Calling all vegans! New this year, the folks at Herbivorous Butcher are bringing their vegan Sriracha brat and vegan Italian sausage, served with grilled onions, if you please. Both the brat and sausage are meat-free but packed with flavor. ($12.50, Section 129)
<p>Vegan sausage from Herbivorous Butcher</p>
  • Cookie Cart -- The only thing better than indulging in cookies at the ballpark is knowing you're also supporting a great cause. Cookie Cart, a nonprofit bakery that gives teens a job, plus life and leadership skills, will sell six-packs of cookies for $8 or individual frosted TC cookies. Find them at Saturday and Sunday games only. ($3 or $8 for 6, Section 101)
  • Murray's Smoked Beef Sandwich -- A popular Target Field hot spot is offering a new sandwich this year, featuring shaved smoked beef, Murray's famous garlic butter and house-cut dill seasoned chips. ($14.50, Section 116)
  • Andrew Zimmern's Canteen -- New this year at the Canteen, you'll find a selection of chicken, pork or beef skewers on flatbread with an eggplant spread, herbed yogurt sauce and tomato-cucumber. ($14.50) In addition, a twist on the sloppy jo -- "Sloppy Ko" piles up Korean BBQ beef, with kimchi and a boiled egg. ($14.50, Section 120)
  • Hot Indian Foods -- Adding on to the popular bowls, Hot Indian is bringing a chicken tikka salad with juicy chicken, cheese and fresh greens. ($12.50, Section 120)
  • Barrio -- Adobo chicken is featured in Barrio's tacos and a burrito, plus the guacamole that's a fan favorite. ($9-$12, Stands 105, 305)
  • Bloody Mary's -- Each year the Twins come up with a fun Bloody Mary to pair with the delicious offerings and this year, it's meat-centered. The Double Threat Bloody combines the Bigger Better Burger Bloody Mary with its Triple Sausage Sampler. That sausage sampler, as the name suggests, is topped with three Kramarczuk's sausages -- the brat, the polish and the andouille.

"Things have changed in stadiums in the past ten years and now it's what can we do that nobody else is doing and how can we bring local stuff into the park and build those relationships with our local partners and bring that to the folks who are here?" Said executive chief Kurt Chenier.