MINNEAPOLIS - Going out in the Twin Cities this weekend?

You'll be able to stay out two hours later.

The City of Minneapolis passed special legislation to allow bars to apply for 4 a.m. permits from Feb. 2 to Feb 5, especially for Super Bowl 52. Bars were eligible if they already had a liquor license and were in good standing with the City of Minneapolis. The fee for the permit was $250.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal put together a list of the 120-some bars and restaurants that got permits. There are 83 in Minneapolis, including a pretty high percentage of the locales around U.S. Bank Stadium including Erik the Red, Dayblock Brewing, the Pourhouse, Brit's Pub and many more.

Several other cities allowed bars to get permits as well. St. Paul will have 23 4 a.m. bars open including Alary's, Camp Bar, Dubliner Pub, Ox Cart Ale House, Holman's Table, Hunan Garden and more. Bloomington also boasts 23 4 a.m. bars, and Wayzata has one: Hotel Landing.

CityPages also published the full list here. Enjoy the late-night Twin Cities but please, get a sober ride home.