MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. - Modist Brewing knew exactly what it was doing.

"Part of it was as a poke at big beer," said Eric Paredes, the co-founder of Modist Brewing in Minneapolis.

The big "Bud Light" beer.

So, last December, Modist named its new mosaic double IPA, "Dilly Dilly," as a nod to Bud Light's highly successful advertising campaign.

"We knew they'd find out, yes," said Paredes.

Just a couple of hours after Dilly Dilly's release...

"Hear ye, hear ye!"

..this Town Crier, from Bud Light...

"...has unfurled this scroll and is reading our cease and desist, and as a sign of good faith offers us two tickets to the Super Bowl," said Paredes.

Two lower-deck seats to the Super Bowl, which are going for about $5,000 a piece online.

Only instead of taking the surprise tickets themselves, Modist has people lining up for a chance to win them; a raffle, with a goal of raising $50,000 for 25 local charities, picked by their 25 employees.

"We wanted to give back. And, our employees have all very personal causes for a lot of the charities they support," said Paredes.

A loyal act that'll definitely keep Modist out of "the pit of misery."