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HCMC prepares for Super Bowl 52

HCMC is located closer to the stadium than any other hospital has been in Super Bowl history.

MINNEAPOLIS - Hennepin County Medical Center is located just feet away from the home of Super Bowl 52, US Bank Stadium.

"The hospital is located closer to the stadium than any other hospital has been in Super Bowl history," said Dr. John Hick, associate medical director of HCMC's Emergency Medical Services.

And according to Dr. Hick, that proximity is both a blessing and a curse.

"Traffic around the campus is going to be significantly disrupted. We're going to have barriers right up to the sidewalk," said Dr. Hick.

"We've had to work carefully with the city to make sure that ambulance access is a priority," said Dr. Hick.

The hospital is also prepared to handle a surge in frostbite cases, given the number of out-of-state football fans that will be visiting the Twin Cities in February.

"The weather is a huge concern," said Dr. Hick. "It seems like downtown [Minneapolis] is pretty compact. When it's 10°, it's not."

Bars in downtown Minneapolis will remain open until 4 AM during Super Bowl week.

"Alcohol and cold are not a good mix. It's a very deceptive thing. Because cold sneaks up on you," added Dr. Hick.

"We're working with the downtown council and a lot of other organizations to keep people safe," said Dr. Hick. "We're going to have to really keep a close eye on patrons leaving to walk outside, if it's really cold and they're underdressed. We've got to make sure that they've got a safe way to back to their hotel."