MINNEAPOLIS - Eight straight wins for the Minnesota Vikings, the longest winning streak since 1998.

But, on Sunday, was Jerick McKinnon doing the "Dirty Bird?"

The Falcons. 1998. Gary Anderson... NO!

Every Vikings player felt like Robert Smith that day, who said, "This is the worst feeling I've ever had - athletically - in my life."

Fans felt that way that day, too.

And, the days after all four Super Bowl losses, Drew Pearson's push-off Hail Mary, Darren Nelson's drop, 41-0, and Favre's late interception in New Orleans.

Which explains why every time something good happens lots of fans still prepare for the worst.

"I think Minnesotan's are very, very gun-shy about any type of expectations for winning. So, when you talk about superstitions, I think it's more about 'Geez, they don't want to jinx this expectation and they don't want to get their expectations too high," said Dr. Justin Anderson, the founder of Premier Sport Psychology in Minneapolis.

Dr. Anderson says, since the Vikings have never won a Super Bowl, fans point back to the heartbreaking history. And, when something bad happens, it's here we go again.

"There is this collective energy that does tend to happen between humans when we start to feel the momentum shift, things can shift because our realities are really based around our beliefs," said Dr. Anderson.

And, with it, the pressure builds.

This can negatively affect the team, too, because they're hearing about the painful history everywhere.

But, what if this year is different?

"I think (Mike) Zimmer can be the strong personality to say that things are different here," said Dr. Anderson.

So, Skol Vikings!