MINNEAPOLIS - Kelli Masters isn't in a league of her own, but she is working in the leagues where there aren't a lot of her own kind, around.

Kelli is a professional sports agent.

She got into it in 2005 after getting calls as an attorney in Oklahoma from athletes who wanted to do good in the non-profit sector but needs some guidance on how to make it work.

It opened her eyes, she said, to some of the things she loved – the game of football (that first call was from a player) and helping athletes make a real difference in the world.

So she made the decision to get into agent work and back then she was one of 30 women in a field of more than 1500 NFL agents.

While she didn't get into it to for the reasons of her gender, she learned quickly, others were discounting her for it. It wasn't easy at first.

She was told more than once that some players and families wouldn't even talk to her because she is a her.

But in the 13 years since, she's signed more than one who paid her gender no mind.

Kelli is in town to promote an event for women in the NFL.