MINNEAPOLIS - The countdown to Super Bowl LII is giving Minnesotans a chance to reflect on what this state means to them.

"We all have this idea about what our connection is to this place and sort of what that means," said Drew Wood, deputy editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine.

To celebrate the Super Bowl coming to Minnesota, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine created an editorial video series called "My North." The series, presented by Explore Minnesota, will eventually showcase 52 videos featuring notable Minnesotans.

"We love listening to people talk about how great this state is. As Minnesotans, we're shy people and we don't really want to say those things ourselves but we think it," Wood said.

The videos are typically two to three minutes long. Comedian Louie Anderson, born and raised in St. Paul, was featured in the first video of the series. Since then, Wood and his team have interviewed Man Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James, explorer Ann Bancroft, Minnesota Timberwolves guard Tyus Jones and many others.

Tuesday afternoon, a crew came to interview Dean Holt and Reed Sigmund--longtime actors with the Children's Theatre Company in Minneapolis.

"I'm from Fargo, North Dakota... lived just on the other side of the river. So I'm a transplant. But it has been really cool to come from someplace else and really feel like an adopted son of Minnesota now," Sigmund said.

Holt, who grew up in Cannon Falls, went to college at St. John's University before joining CTC.

"Everyone who is doing this is speaking from what their experience with Minnesota is," Holt said. He went on to say about CTC, "So for us it's exciting to get to share that with people and say, 'This is a great thing about Minnesota, about Minneapolis, about what we do."

Wood said the videos aren't meant just for Minnesotans. With all eyes on the state leading up to Super Bowl LII, Mpls.St.Paul Magazine is hoping these videos give people a chance to discover Minnesota.

You can watch all the videos made so far here. Holt and Sigmund's video will be available on the website on Tuesday.