MINNEAPOLIS - From an opening night performance by Idina Menzel to the purple Prince tribute on national television, the Minnesota Super Bowl was a spectacle; but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says that's not what made it special.

"I want to start with the people of Minnesota, I don't think you could have done a better job as host of this event," Goodell said during a news conference on Monday. "You brought it to a new level and I hope that everyone from Minnesota has a big smile on their face because you deserve it."

Goodell thanked the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee for delivering on the promise it made when it won the Super Bowl bid four years ago, but local leaders say it was the 6,000 law enforcement officers and nearly 12,000 volunteers who made it all possible.

"They were welcoming and they were engaged and they were proud," said Host Committee Chair Richard Davis. "I hope you take that part of the warmth along with the Bold North."

"Our goal was simple, to showcase the real Minnesota and to host an unbelievable game," said Host Committee CEO Maureen Bausch. "And the weather performed on cue. When the temperature dropped, the crowds got bigger, when it snowed they loved it."

While the leaders agreed the Bold North was a success, there was also a sense of relief that their work is done and they now get to hand off responsibility to Atlanta, the host of Super Bowl 53.

Though they won't be wearing purple next year, the Vikings can always try to crash the party.

"I want to give a Skol to Minnesota," said Vikings owner Zygi Wilf. "And I want to transfer that Skol to Atlanta."