MINNEAPOLIS - Super Bowl parties are all about relaxing with friends and family -- and we have the perfect cocktail to allow you to do just that.

The bottle conditioned 50/50 Manhattan allows hosts to whip it up ahead of time, pour it into bottles and let guests serve themselves throughout the big game.

Here's the recipe from cocktail master Robb Jones, bar director of Spoon and Stable and Bellecour.

Bottle conditioned 50/50 Manhattan

What you need

1 750 ml bottle of good Bourbon, Rye, or Cognac

1 750 ml bottle of good sweet vermouth

A variety of bitters and garnishes

How to do it

Mix the entire contents of vermouth and spirit together in a container and stir to combine.

Funnel the liquid back into the empty bottles.

Pour 3 oz of your bottled conditioned Manhattan into an ice-filled rocks glass and briefly stir.

Add bitters and garnishes of your choice.