MINNEAPOLIS - In week 46 of the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund’s 52 Weeks of Giving campaign, Juxtaposition Arts in North Minneapolis was awarded a $50,000 grant.

Juxtaposition Arts is a teen-staffed art and design center.

Some of the money will go toward building the first skate park in north Minneapolis.

“This project is a great chance for us to spotlight some of the young, talented artists and designers who are impacting the built and natural environment here around north Minneapolis and around our city,” said Roger Cummings, chief cultural producer.

“It’s a really dynamic way to get health and wellness and recreation in a play-space way with this artistic intervention in this park.”

North Minneapolis will get its first skate park, thanks to a teen-run art and design center -- and a Super Bowl grant.

The park will be located on the corner of West Broadway and Emerson Avenue North.

“And we don’t want to build just a typical skate park, we want to have something bigger and better," said Tatyanna Gross, a Juxta youth artist. "We really want to focus on safety, building community and being active."

DJ Bryant is a senior at Irondale Senior High School. He spends much of four days a week working at Juxta.

“Juxta is really all about giving serious youth artists their first steps into the actual professional field of art," said Bryant.

Aside from the excitement of the skate park, Bryant’s artistic ability landed him the opportunity to design a commemorative football design for the Legacy Fund.

“If I hadn’t found this program, I would not be where I am today. I would not be as known as I am today. I would not have stuff like this going in my life.”