HUGO, Minn – At the Dream of Wild Health Farm in Hugo it’s about the old way of doing things.

The 10-acre farm is a teaching ground for kids and community members about plants and food grown in the ground organically by native people hundreds of years ago.

"We really are restoring the health and life ways of the native community and we do that through food access," Co-Director Joy Persalll says.

Every summer the farm hosts groups of kids from around the community and helps teach them about Native American history, planting food, growing it and either consuming it or taking it to market.

"We can prepare foods from the seeds that we grow and get them out in to the community. The kids will learn how to do that as well so they are entrepreneurial," Persall says.

With a $50,000 grant from the Super Bowl Host Committee Legacy Fund the farm will use the money to build a new kitchen so kids are able to better prepare the food.

"With this teaching kitchen we're going to be able to provide better educational experience for youth in our program," Co-Director Diane Wilson.

The giving campaign is focused on 52 weeks in 52 communities around Minnesota to help fund youth based programs and initiatives.