MINNEAPOLIS - The Vikings have a new chant, but many might be surprised to find out where it actually came from.

This new cheer is literally called the Viking War Cry -- borrowed from Iceland. But what does this really have to do with Vikings?

You might be surprised.

If it's done correctly, it's supposed to scare the shorts out of any competitor -- like it's done in Iceland.

While it's a somewhat new chant for the Vikes, we're hardly the first ones to do it. The French National soccer team stole it, as did an Australian rugby team.

And they stole it from ... an Iceland soccer team.

If you want to see how it's supposed to be done -- check out how they perfected the bone-chilling chant during the European championship last season.

However, several articles from overseas claim that even though they've perfected it, Iceland actually stole the chant from a Scottish soccer team in 2014.

On top of that, there are several claims that it was actually stolen from a scene in the 2006 movie "300."

"Our stance is, we got it from Iceland. They call it the 'Viking war chant' so that's what we're going with," said Bryan Harper, vice president of content and production for the Minnesota Vikings.

He said fans actually reached out to the organization, asking them to start the chant at games.

Without wanting to be called a thief, the Vikings then reached out to the Icelandic national football team directly.

"And they said, 'Oh yeah, we know the Vikings. Everyone in Iceland is a Vikings fan,'" Harper said.

They were totally on board with the Vikings using the chant.

So there you have it.