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5 family-friendly winter activities

Jenny Anderson is on a mission to get people outdoors no matter the season, and explore the beauty our state has to offer.

Jenny Anderson of Girl of 10,000 Lakes is a Minnesota digital creator and blogger. Her goal is to inspire people to get outdoors no matter the season.

Anderson says she discovered her passion for the outdoors as an adult and now wants others who are curious about outdoor activities to give it a chance too.

She says Minnesota is one of the best places to get outdoors in the winter because of the unique ability to do recreational activities like ice fishing, cross country skiing, frozen waterfall sight-seeing, winter camping and cabin getaways and dogsledding.

Anderson was voted Twin Cities Collective - Best Travel and Outdoor Blogger in 2018 and 2019 and featured widely in the media. You can learn more about Girl of 10,000 Lakes at girlof10000lakes.com and follow along on her outdoor adventures on Instagram and Facebook

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