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The ice is not ready yet, warns Barron County Sheriff

It has been chilly the past few nights, but an over-ambitious fisherman in Wisconsin took things a little too far.
Credit: Barron County Sheriff's Office


A tongue-in-cheek post to social media from Wisconsin law enforcement is reminding everyone that ice fishing season is still a little ways away. 

Over the weekend the Barron County Sheriff's Department posted a picture of an ice house hitched to a truck, both swamped in a local body of water. 

Apparently, someone got too excited about the chilly nights we've been seeing, and was ready to take their rig out to set up the house for some early-season ice fishing. 

Unfortunately, the lake was not frozen over. 

"Please keep the shacks at home for the time being, let’s enjoy fall while it’s still here yeah? " reads the post. "We will have plenty of time to freeze our butts off in the dead of winter."

The sheriff's office did note that alcohol was a factor in the mishap, and was the 3rd OWI of the night. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, everyone should stay off the ice until it is at least four inches thick even for foot traffic. To drive a medium-sized pickup, there should be between 12-15 inches of ice. 

Where do we begin with this one… Look, OK yeah it got below freezing the last couple nights, and OK yeah the frost has...

Posted by Barron County Sheriff's Department on Saturday, October 23, 2021